A thought about my truths…

In an effort to let you all in and be as transparent as possible, here are a few of my truths:

1. I struggle almost daily with body self image issues.

2. I am very particular about how I like things to be in my home.

3. I am totally in love with my puppy Baylee

4. I love surfing but ever since I got hurt surfing years ago I am terrified to get back in the ocean

5. I hate onions and cilantro

6. I don’t go to nail salons because I like to do my own nails

7. I only wear bell bottom or wide leg jeans

8. I work out 20-30 minutes 5 days a week

9. I love lots of blankets and pillows on my bed and sofa because it makes me feel safe and cozy

10. My fridge is very neatly organized (bordering on compulsive)

11. I love eating cereal for dinner

12. I love doing and folding laundry

13. I so enjoy my job and the people I work for and with

14. I get scared very easily

15. I love reading before I go to bed

16. I don’t sleep well…really at all. I maybe sleep 4 or 5 hours a night and not in a row

17. I eat a lot of salad

18. On the weekend my hair is always in a bun and I’m in sweats

18. I struggle with anxiety and depression

19. I am still in pain from my surgery from over a year ago

20. Last but not least I love taking care of other people and fixing their problems but I am terrible at taking care of my needs

Well there you have it. Just a few of my truths. I’ll open up more as time goes on but for now this is as deep as I’m going to go.

Thanks for reading and please share to get my little blog out in the world🙏🏻

Author: Rachel Lurie

I decided to start this blog because I feel as though over the past 10 years my life has had so many ups, downs and sideways that I thought there might be someone out there who could benefit from some if the things I have to say. If one person reads any of it and it helps them in any way....this will all be worth it. love, light & laughter to you all

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