A thought about broken parts and little cracks…

I have developed a lot of little cracks over the course of my life. Some bigger than others. Some hurt more than others. From those cracks I have learned and grown. I have also fallen and cried. It can be both and in my life it certainly has been.

It took me a long time to allow myself to show other people (other than my family) the falling and crying. But it has been in those very intimate moments that true friendship and love have been found.

For all of you who have shared those moments with me…thank you. Thank you for embracing me and loving me through those tough times and dark moments. It is your light that shines in all my broken parts and little cracks.

Author: Rachel Lurie

I decided to start this blog because I feel as though over the past 10 years my life has had so many ups, downs and sideways that I thought there might be someone out there who could benefit from some if the things I have to say. If one person reads any of it and it helps them in any way....this will all be worth it. love, light & laughter to you all

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