A thought on where WE are (operative word being we)

I have thought a lot about what if anything I would write about if I decided to write something. I’m not a big time blogger or a famous influencer but I felt and feel like that shouldn’t matter. Every voice no matter how big or small can make a difference.

I feel very strongly and deeply when people are in pain. My soul and heart hurt for what is happening in the world today. But I am also elated that so many humans have banded together for one singular cause. A cause that in my mind and heart shouldn’t be a cause at all after all this time. But never the less is. No person, no matter the color of their skin should ever feel less than, should ever feel like they do not matter and should absolutely NEVER feel in fear of their life. We are all created in Gods image and that doesn’t mean that because I’m white that God is white. What it does mean (to me) is that we are all created in the image of Gods soul. And I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure a soul knows no color.

The peaceful protests that are rocking the world stage right now are a DIRECT response to hatred and bigotry that has been felt by POC for hundreds of years. A hatred that stems from more hatred. Have we not learned anything these past months with COVID. Have we not learned that we are all human. All fallible. All born. All live. All love. All die. Mother Nature is trying to tell us something and it’s a real shame that some (NOT ALL) are deafened to that message.

I am not a political person. But I strongly believe that the issues we are facing today NEED to be addressed by higher government. There needs to be major changes made to the way in which the people who are meant to protect us are governed. And I say that knowing and believing that some does not mean all. Not all police are bigots or racist just as not all people are AND changes need to happen and they need to come now. The Black community deserves justice after having to endure all this time, having to put up with the hate and sadness and pain and the loss of life.

I don’t know and am still trying to figure out how best to serve. I am reading and watching and learning. And am always willing for someone to tell and teach me. I am not a racist but I know that my ignorance makes me just as guilty as if I were and I am sorry for that.