A thought about my sweet puppy girl Baylee…

I know most people say that their dog is the cutest, smartest and most loyal. Well…I’m here to tell you all that my sweet pitty Baylee is all those things and more.

She has such an amazing spirit and always seems to know when the Mama needs a little extra snuggle.

She has THE BEST zoomies!!! If you are a dog owner, you know what I mean.

She also has the best tooshy shake. Yes. That’s right. She doesn’t just wag her tail…her whole tooshy shakes with it!!

She absolutely loves people and people love her. One meeting with her and people are hooked. She has this really cool way of knowing who’s a friend and who isn’t. She will walk up to almost everyone she meets. But there are times where she will just walk the other way.

She has lots of doggie friends too. There are a lot of dogs in my building and she is friends with all of them and in turn I am friends with the humans.

She HATES the rain. There is a hoodie of mine that she has taken over and won’t go out when it’s raining without it. And you have to promptly wipe her face and paws after she’s been out in the rain because she doesn’t like to get wet.

She LOVES broccoli and kale and HATES watermelon and most other fruits.

She sleeps in the bed with me at night and stays all cozy in the morning while I’m getting ready for work.

She loves her blankies and pillows.

One of my favorite things is on the weekend staying in bed in the morning and having a snuggle session with her.

She has been by my side over some of the most painful times in the past few years and now continues to be by my side during this next transition.

We have settled into a good routine her and I and I know that she knows that I love her to bits and would do anything to make sure she’s ok.

She has this crazy way of just staring at me. As if to say ‘Are you ok Mama?’

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…she has a hidden zipper somewhere and if you unzipped it there would be a little human in there. She does so many things where I’m just like ‘Where did you come from and how did I get so lucky?’

If you are thinking about getting a dog…DO IT!!!!

#adoptdontshop…It’s the most rewarding thing you will ever do.

Author: Rachel Lurie

I decided to start this blog because I feel as though over the past 10 years my life has had so many ups, downs and sideways that I thought there might be someone out there who could benefit from some if the things I have to say. If one person reads any of it and it helps them in any way....this will all be worth it. love, light & laughter to you all

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